Raise Awareness for Hepatitis C

You’ve taken the pledge to learn more about hepatitis C and talked to your health-care provider about getting tested. Don’t stop there!

Chances are you know someone living with hepatitis C who doesn’t know they have it. Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that doesn’t discriminate and can go symptomless for years.

Something as simple as sharing a tweet or Facebook post about hepatitis C and the I.D. Hep C campaign with your family and friends can have a big impact on the life of someone living unknowingly with hepatitis C. Use your personal social media channels like Twitter and Facebook or have one-on-one conversations with people you know to share your knowledge and tell others about your pledge.

Here are three easy ways you can help raise awareness:

  • Download the I.D. Hep C hepatitis C fact sheet to print and share with people you know who may be affected by hepatitis C.
  • Share one or more of the below sample Tweets and/or Facebook posts to help raise awareness of hepatitis C or write your own.
  • Get informed and inform others. Visit the About Hepatitis C page to learn more about this disease, its risk factors and possible health implications associated with the disease.

Sample Tweets

  • I pledged to learn my #hepatitis C status at www.IDHepC.org. You should too! #IDHepC
  • Have you been tested for #hepatitis C? Visit www.IDHepC.org and pledge to learn your #hepC status today. #IDHepC
  • Did you know up to 5 million Americans have #hepC, but 75 percent don’t know it? Check out www.IDHepC.org for more info. #IDHepC
  • Certain groups are at increased risk for #hepC, including boomers, African Americans & Hispanics. www.IDHepC.org #IDHepC

Sample Facebook Posts

  • I pledged to learn my hepatitis C status at www.IDHepC.org, and I think you should too! Visit the I.D. Hep C campaign site for more information.
  • Did you know that there are up to 5 million Americans with hepatitis C, but 75 percent of them don’t know it? The good news is, for many patients, hepatitis C can be cured. Check out www.IDHepC.org to learn more and pledge to get tested. I did!
  • Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease and one of the biggest health problems facing Americans today. The I.D. Hep C campaign provides great information on the disease and how you can get tested. Visit www.IDHepC.org today and pledge to learn your status.
  • You may be one of the millions of Americans who don’t know that they are living with hepatitis C, a serious liver disease that often doesn’t show any symptoms until serious liver damage has occurred. Learn more about hepatitis C at www.IDHepC.org.